One of the first 100 contestants? Get our sportsocks!

Are you one of the first 100 participants in Kilometers for Opportunities 2022? Then you will receive a few nice Chamber of Commerce sports socks from us soon!

We will contact you about shipping in the first week of June. 

We won't let people sleep outside, so we went to Ter Apel to help.

This week asylum seekers in the Netherlands had to sleep outside because there was no place for them in the reception centers. That is why we went to Ter Apel to help. We brought material for the crisis emergency shelter. We also brought about a hundred people to an emergency shelter in Friesland. We provide a temporary roof and mental first aid. 

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Join the Kilometers voor Kansen Strava Club! 

All our contestants who use Strava can join our Strava club. Share your sport activities with other contestants and motivate each other. 

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Hoe een succesvolle profvoetballer van het Syrisch elftal al zijn bezit verruilde voor veiligheid

“Ik kon kiezen uit drie dingen: teruggestuurd worden, een gevangenisstraf of een asielaanvraag.”

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