How To Take Part

About Kilometers voor Kansen

Sometimes a good cause appeals to you so much that you want to do more than just a donation, or maybe you are just looking for a good motivation to exercise more... Then you are in the right place!

"Kilometers voor Kansen" is Dutch for: "Kilometres for Opportunities’’ and is the perfect way to be active and at the same time support a good cause.

Throughout one month, you count your kilometres by running, walking, cycling or swimming (or all of the above) for a good cause: helping refugees worldwide. You can either choose to do a challenge on your own or with a team. There are a number of target distances to choose from. These distances symbolise the distance that a refugee has to travel to be safe, but you can also set your own exercising goal. So whether you are a seasoned runner or just looking for a reason to get back on your bike. You are welcome to join us!



What happens after I’ve registered?

After you have registered via this website, you will have a personal fundraising page. Your adventure is now ready to begin! With this fundraising page you can:

  • Track your kilometres and see how far you are on your journey.
  • Share nice updates and photos.
  • Request donations from friends and family very easy.

You can always adjust your fundraising page. We often see: the more active you are on your page, the more donations you receive!

Join a Team or Organisation

Making your kilometres count together is even more fun! You can also join with a team or organisation. During the registration process, you can create a team, or organisation page - or just sign up with an already existing team or organisation!