We're here to help you with any questions or queries you may have about Kilometres for Opportunities, or your fundraising challenge.

What is Kilometres for Opportunities?

Kilometres for Opportunities is the perfect way to be active and support a good cause at the same time. Throughout September you can count your miles by running, walking, cycling or swimming (or all of the above) for a good cause: aid to refugees worldwide. There are a number of target distances to choose from, all of which symbolise the distance a refugee must also travel. You can also set your own goal, so whether you're a seasoned runner or just looking for a reason to get back on your bike, there's something for everyone!

Can I combine multiple sports?

Yes that is allowed! You can decide for yourself how you are going to cover the kilometres. It is of course nice to keep your sponsors informed about this via the promotion page.

How can I register?

Create your promotion page on this website and choose your target distance. You can also set a goal with a team or company. Once you've created this page, you can be sponsored by family and friends for your September performance.

Do I have to participate individually or in a team?

It's all allowed! Maybe you have a personal challenge or you already exercise with a team. In that case you could all participate. You can support and encourage each other. You can determine the team size yourself. When creating your promotion, you can choose whether you participate individually, with a team or specifically with a business team.

Can I also participate if I am not an experienced athlete?

Of course that's possible! Right! At Kilometres for Opportunities you set your own goal. That can be a very long distance, but also a bit shorter. You can choose from one of our target distances or set your own. As long as it is a challenge for you, we already think your performance is great!

I have created my action page, but I actually want to switch target distance. Is that possible?

Yes, you can. In that case, send an email to kilometersvoorkansen@redcross.nl and we will help you further.

Is participation free?

Yes, participation is free. We only ask you to choose a nice target distance for yourself in September and to be sponsored by family, friends, neighbors and/or colleagues etc.

Where does the collected money go?

That is an important question! Spending the collected money is used for our assistance to refugees worldwide. We always look where it is most needed at that moment. For example, in previous editions we contributed to refugee aid in Bosnia, Turkey and Greece. Volunteers all over the world are currently taking action to limit the consequences of the corona virus for refugees as much as possible. For example, by providing access to clean water and providing hygiene information. This is extremely important in busy camps such as Sudan and Bosnia.

Why not another (Dutch) goal?

The Red Cross provides assistance to vulnerable people at home and abroad. Some of the actions we take are for aid in the Netherlands (think of the Red Cross collection week or the national campaign for corona aid). Other actions, such as Kilometers for Opportunities, benefit international projects. Certainly in the case of the corona crisis, people are fleeing even more challenges than there were already. Because how do you protect yourself against Covid-19 if you live with ten people in one room or tent? If you can't go to hospital for proper treatment? Or if there is not enough running water to wash your hands?

What would my friends and family think if I ask for money for a sporting challenge?

It may feel a bit unpleasant to ask your family and friends for money, but of course you don't just do it for yourself! Every day millions of people are forced to flee because they were no longer sure of their life at home, and because of the corona crisis, they now face even more challenges than there were already.

Research shows that sponsoring a well-known person is the second most popular way of contributing to a good cause, only a donation through the collection box is made more often! So you can safely ask the question of acquaintances. It also does not have to be very high amounts. Every little bit helps!

How does fundraising work?

By creating your campaign page on this website, you can easily fundraise online. You can share your page via whatsapp, email or social media. You can even send a payment request directly from your page! Would you like more tips on how to raise money for your performance? We have listed nine tips for you here.

How do I keep track of my kilometres?

You can keep track of your kilometres via the app you like best. For example via a sports app such as Strava, FitBit, Runkeeper or the Nike app. The advantage of FitBit or Map My Fitness is that you can link them directly to your profile! You do not have to download another app for Kilometers for Opportunities, on your profile page you can also manually enter your target distance and your kilometres. This way your donors always see how far you are with your challenge.

It is also nice to add photos, upload screenshots from your sports app, and / or write a nice story about your sports performance. Log in to the site at the top right. You can then adjust and manage your page.

What if I want to collect money offline?

You can! Sometimes you have, for example, a birthday where you can ask for donations instead of a gift. You can collect the money in cash and add an offline donation to your page, so that the money is added to your fundraising total.

Please note that when gathering offline donations you must take into account the guidelines of the government regarding Covid-19.

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