Fundraising Tips

Dress up your campaign page.

This page is your profile page, adding photos and content ensures more donations. Tell your supporters why you are participating in Kilometres for Opportunities and upload fun photos of your exercising activities.

After your first few donations, they start coming in fast!

It helps to first have a few donations before you send your fundraising profile to friends. You can make a starter donation yourself, or ask your family and closest friends to make a donation in person. Then you can spread it via social media, WhatsApp and e-mail. Good example is good to follow. 😉

Add your fundraising link to your email signature.

Put the link of your promotion page under your name/signature in all your emails, so that everyone you email sees the promotion.

Verbal persuassion.

Tell your colleagues, friends, neighbours and family about the fundraising you have started. You can send them a link to your fundraising right away via mobile. So that they can put their words into action right away!

Send WhatsApp & group messages.

Spread your action through group chats. People often make each other enthusiastic by saying that they have donated. You can also create a WhatsApp group with some of your contacts who know each other.

In the group, thank the people who indicate that they are going to donate so that all group members see it. This increases the chance that others will also feel involved and will support your action.

Bring people along: post updates and share them on social media.

You can easily add news items to your campaign page. You can then share it via social media. For example, tell us how your action is going and when you started exercising. The power of a message is in its repetition!

Enter your final sprint!

Experience shows that the last two weeks of your campaign are the most donated. So that's the final sprint for your action. Make the most of your final sprint and ask your donors for help. Because they will also want you to reach your target amount.

Approach companies to sponsor you.

Don't forget to also approach companies to sponsor you. Your employer, a good customer, a great supplier. As a thank you, you can write and distribute a special news item with their name in it, or place their logo as an image on your campaign page.

Hang in there: keep reminding people!

Not everyone will donate right away. So send reminder emails or WhatsApp messages if they haven't donated yet. Persevere!

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