Go and earn our unique sport socks

30 Aug 2021
Suzanne Klaver Fotografie

Go and earn our unique sport socks

This year you can earn a special gift when you participate in Kilometres for Opportunities. Whenever you raise €250 with your fundraising event, you could receive a unique pair of Kilometres of Opportunities sport socks.

How does it work?

Make a success out of your fundraising page and raise €250. You could do this by sharing your page with your family and friends using social media. Or by uploading pictures and blogs to your fundraising page and showing your dedication to raise money for the Red Cross’ support to refugees.

You’ll receive an email whenever you have reached the €250. In this email you’ll find a link where you can submit your personal details, such as your email address and size of socks.

What if I participate with a team or company, do all the participants receive socks?

If you are a participant of a team and you have raised € 250 individually you will surely receive socks. If the team has raised an amount higher than €250, the total amount will be divided by the number of participants. This should end up being € 250 or higher per person.